Helped Nike to promote their new lineup of Superrep shoes.






Creative Adverts
Instagram Advertisement

⸺ Qualitative Research

Before running campaign we worked for weeks researching competitors like adidas and reebok and found what their ads were lacking and what needed to be done.

⸺ Advertisement Visualization

The next step is to understand what exactly we need to create to get the best results.

⸺ Engineering Strategy

We engineered many different campaigns, funnels to get to the most amount of people in the least amount of time and that worked.

⸺ Rapid Advertisement

After everything was ready, we ran constant adverts, more than 10 at a time with relatively high budgets to make the product as viral as possible.

⸺ Low CPC

With many ads running at the same time,we were able to reduce our cpc to less than $0.05 which gave us a huge opportunity to experiment further on ads.

⸺ Results

As you may know, Nike Superrep was a massive success and they are still coming up with new options in the same lineup. Nike made over 500mil in profits with the Superrep lineup alone.