Starter Package

Our starter package is targeted toward individuals and small businesses who are looking to grow slowly and steadily.Our Clients average growth of 2 thousand to 3 thousand followers with our starter package, with an estimated engagement ratio of 5%.

Growth Package

With our growth package, our clients average 7 to 10 thousand targeted and organic followers per month. With an estimated increase of at least 1 thousand likes per post and 10k views per video.We also help with brand sponsorships with our growth package.

Sales Growth/ Lead Generation

If you are looking for a boost in your sales and leads via direct Instagram ads or with any other PPC service, we can help you with that as well. From reducing your CPC to lead generation cost we do everything.

Starter Package

If you are looking to grow on Instagram steadily then this package is best for you. Here we will help you with optimizing your profile for the best audience interactions by working on SEO, and other important factors.

  • Up to 3k targeted followers
  • Increased profile reach and impressions
  • Minimum increase of 300 likes per post
  • Priority support

Best Selling Package

$799per month

Never go wrong with our growth package

$1099per month

Growth Package

If you are an established Influencer or Business and looking to grow fast on the platform and reap the full benefits of the brand sponsorships and reach then this package is for you.

  • Up to 8k organic and targeted followers
  • Detailed monthly report
  • Huge engagement boost of up to 1k likes per post
  • 24x7 Instant Support

Sales Growth/Lead Generation

Getting low sales for the money you are spending on Instagram ads? or the number of leads you are generating is very low? We help with minimizing your cost per sale and cost per lead with our high-quality lead capture funnel designs and optimizations.

  • Extremely low CPC
  • Custom Funnel for lead generation
  • Detailed Reports/ Before-after analysis
  • Fully transparent process

Generate High Leads and Sales

$1499per month plus 10% advertisement budget.

Global partners

We have worked with many major brands over the last few years with our partner marketing agencies, and we thrive to provide the best results in the most competitive pricing in the market.

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